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Celebrating the life of...
Rana Fisher
(1972 - 2008)
Rana Fisher
Rana Fisher

Taken in her prime, just 36, such a shame, after an extensive period of modelling things were just starting to take off with Rana's career as an actress.... Tragically she died unexpectedly in Los Angeles of what appears to have been heart failure. ...... Rest In Peace ..... Darla

Candles in memory of Rana Fisher

Message from:
The Reyes  Family
Please accept my condolences regarding the passing of Rana Fisher. I truly believe that we will all see Rana alive and well once more in the future. The Bible assures us that, "All those in the memorial tombs will here his voice and come a resurrection of life..."(John 5:28,29) Look forward to that time.

Message from:
Cat  Menard
God Bless and keep you, Rana. You are truly missed.

Message from:
Tom  Hahn

Message from:
Winston  Elliott
It is a rare day that passes I don't think of you. My life will never be the same..miss you immensely but have to be content you are in a peaceful place now.. I will always love you.

Message from:
Yasha  Blackman
Miss you and love you. I know you feel the same where ever you are. Let the rest know the truth.

Message from:
marco  correa
Rana, Still thinkin\' about you. Few people I\'ve met in my life I can honestly say I can remember a specific conversation with. Rana, that time you told me to stop being a ***** and just go make whatever it is happen has still stuck with me even 5 years later. Finally I\'m making my dream become a reality. Thank you for your kindness and craziness, we had a great little time there for a month or however long it was I wish we could have had a little longer....

Message from:
marco  correa
Mark, What was the name of that black guy boyfriend she had that was super pi**ed off at her? I can't remember but I DO remember her being so scared that she asked me on more than one occassion to come by her place in Hancock Park just to chill....I still think about her all the time.

Message from:
Daniel  Shaffer
Rana, It's been two years ago today and it seem like yesterday that we were laughing and singing at the house. I miss you so much. They say time heals all wounds, but I don't think that there will be enough time for me. I love you and miss you dearly. Your friend, your bro, DANO~

Message from:
Georgi  Stevens
Peace to those who miss her so much. Rana is a memory in love.

Message from:
Erika  Seifred
My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Message from:
Deanne  Quinn
Rana and I both moved to San Francisco at the same time. She from Texas and myself from NY. We were best friends for many years until we slowly lost touch after she moved to L.A. I talked to her just a few months before her death. I am a little concerned because i KNOW she had a few people on MySpace who were her so called friends, but when I emailed a few of them to ask what happened, neither responded? I am very suspicious, since Rana had told me herself of her distrust of at least one of these people. She was a very healthy woman, so I have a hard time accepting "heart failure". Please Mark, if you find out anything new please let me know. Rana and I worked on many modeling projects together. I have so many photos of the two of us...

Message from:
A.  Dinelli
Dear Mark, I modeled in Houston with Rana and was very sad to hear of what happened.... my prayers and thoughts go out to you all....very tragic... A.D.

Message from:
Mark  Fisher
This is Rana's brother, Mark. Thanks for setting up this site. I am still in the process of gathering information and have pieced together a large part of the puzzle surrounding her death. Those responsible will be held accountable.

Message from:
crystal  billeri
praying your family and friends get answers. you are in a much better place...

Message from:
Kelly  Stevens
I hope they find out what REALLY happen


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Rana Fisher
Rana Fisher
Rana Fisher
Rana Fisher 4

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