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Celebrating the life of...
Bradley Mark Stewart  (Gidget Gein)
(1969 - 2008)
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Bradley Mark Stewart  (Gidget Gein)

The onetime bass player with Marilyn Manson's (Spooky Kids) band was found dead of a drug overdose (Heroin) at his home in Burbank California. His stage name was created by merging the names of Gidget and Ed Gein

Candles in memory of Bradley Mark Stewart  (Gidget Gein)

Message from:
Tracey  Katsouros
What a great loss to the world. You were so much fun to be around. You are so missed and had so much more still to do. I hope your friends, family, and fans are finding some peace without you. XO, Tracey

Message from:
Linda  Noyes
Miss you and your mom so much!! :( You were great neighbors and friends! Think of you all the time. Linda

Message from:
Freddie  Streithorst
I miss you love Freddy the Wheel

Message from:
nancy  marzulli
Please visit Gidget Geins OFFICIAL site, and leave a message or a donation in geins name I own and run his sitye for him now that he is dead and would love everyone to visit his site He is missed more than enyone knows... It was a great loss! RIP brad..i miss you


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