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Celebrating the life of...
Troy  Louis
(1981 - 2016)

Troy  Louis

Troy Lee Louis was born in Mt. Vernon, IL to the proud parents of Troy Lee Johnson and Cindy Michelle Louis on October 24th 1981. Troy was born a twin brother with Brian Andrew Louis. In 1991 Troy brother Brain, Anton and Damarie and mother Cindy left Mt. Vernon, IL and moved to Los Angeles, CA were Troy young life began. Troy completed Head Start Through High school and graduated Gardena High school in 1999. Troy then attended Santa Monica college in Califorina where he made many friends and also met his future wife Johanna Brown. Troy and Johanna fell in love and married in 2002 which resulted in the birth of their child Brianna Michael Louis in 2004. After the divorce of Johanna and Brian in 2004 Brian came to Arizona to visit and re-unite with his mother, Brothers and sister who also moved to Arizona in 2004. Tragically, Troy was shot at a night club in Phoenix Atizona on New Years Eve of 2004 in the chest and the bullet ricocheted hitting his heart & spinal cord. Troy was only given a 10% chance to ever walk again, but Brian fought hard and was able to stand on his own and walk with crutches. Up to Troy's untimely death on Febuary 3rd 2016, troy suffered extreme pain and many health issues, but Troy was a warrior and a fighter. Everyone's knows Troy for his love of the arts. Troy loved Music, to Draw,and Fashion Troy will be throughly missed by is daughter Brianna Louis, his mother Cindy Louis, father Troy Lee Johnson his twin brother Brian brother Anton and Damarie, and all his cousins and family and friends. _"We Love You Troy and Will Always Miss You Forever"


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