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William Richards  (Vic)
( - 2010)
Vic Richards
William Richards  (Vic)

As fellow Topangan Dale Robinette put it, "Vic was an absolute Treasure to Topanga." Indeed, he was. Vic walked and ran an incredible life. From his sports days and teaching career, to his devoted marriage and volunteer contributions, Vic's footprint will be embedded forever in the mountains of Topanga. We will miss you, Vic. And you will live forever in our hearts! Jeanine, our heart and prayers are with you. Please feel our arms around you during this special time.

Candles in memory of William Richards  (Vic)

Message from:
The Reyes  Family
Please accept my condolences regarding the passing of William. I truly believe that you will see Vic alive and well once more in the future. The Bible assures us that, "All those in the memorial tombs will here his voice and come a resurrection of life..."(John 5:28,29) Look forward to that time.

Message from:
dale  robinette
Dearest Vic and Jeanine I address this note to you both as... for so many many years you and your love were inseparable. I have so many fond memories of working with Vic. But I will always remember the image of him behind the wheel of The Mustang at the head of the Topanga Days Parade. There is Vic Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a smile. His boyish smile almost as large as the........ windshield. God Bless and keep you my friends dale robinette

Message from:
DEAR JEANINE, Thank you and Vic for your generous support of the Topanga Emergency Center. I first met Vic whe.n the trailer was being set up. He was a man with a vision. God Bless you both.

Message from:
Buz  Tarlow
Vic and I both are long time volunteers for Topanga's DRT (Disaster Response Team, now Disaster Radio Team). Every time a project was started Vic would come forward to volunteer. His persistently positive, calm "can do" attitude seemed to always bring out the best in everyone. At my own, in the trenches volunteer level, he was always right there offering help and support in any and every way he could. He has made a big positive difference for Topanga. Vic was wonderfully reliable check in on the DRT practice radio net on Sunday nights for many years. He was also a 100% attendee to the DRT meetings for many years. It seems to me Vic put his hand up every time a new project was formed. He once asked me a small favor to help him renew his ham license. I was so happy to be asked. It made me realize that my reaction was from how very much he had helped me and everyone else over and over that I felt privileged to be asked to help him. Volunteering can be so rewarding when you have people like Vic in your group.

Message from:
Jacqueline  Benson
Jeanine I will keep you and Vic in my prayers. I will miss him very much. He and you are two of the most caring and generous people in Topanga. I know Topanga will miss all Vic's hard work on behalf of the little town he loved.

Message from:
Anon  Anon
Vic our fellow member of the Topanga Disaster Radio Group. you will be truly missed. Thank you for your generosity & kindness. Vic made a huge difference to our community and his actions are an inspiration which will live on. Our hearts and prayers are with Jeannie and the family.

Message from:
Lindajo  Loftus
Vic's kindness was matched by his generousity. I know he will be missed by all who know him.

Message from:
Michele  Johnson
Vic was an amazing gentleman. We will miss his keen intelligence, shy smile and gentle ways. Over the years, he served with so many organizations, improving the life of Topanga. He will be missed.

Message from:
Fred  Feer
Vic was gentle man and one I never knew to harbor any but generous thoughts. If he knew help were needed, his only thought was to find a way to give it.

Message from:
Barbara  Campbell
Dear Jeannie, My heart goes out to you. No one can take his place. He was a generous and kind man I had the good fortune to know. He has surely earned his place in heaven and will be sorely missed. Sincerely, Barbara Campbell

Message from:
John  Stevens
Words fail me, almost! Knowing Vic has enriched my world and soul as well as Vic made the world a better place in so many ways. What an incredible man and it is my privilege to have known him these last 17 years. Jeanine, my heart is with you.

Message from:
Pat & Jack  MacNeil
It is so hard to put into words what knowing you has meant to us. You were a shining light and meant the world to us. Those who knew you will miss your love, warmth,sense of humor and dedication. You cheered me up when I needed it You helped to build T-CEP into an organization that can help protect the Topanga that you loved. There is a hole in our hearts and one that will take time to heal as we remember your loving kindness. Jeanie we send to you our condolences and know that our thoughts and prayers go with you.

Message from:
Andrea  Makshanoff
I am very sad to not see Vic again. My condolences to Jeanine, and the rest of Vic's family and close friends. Vic had an incredible spirit. Always positive, always thoughtful - the kindness in him was ever present. I feel blessed to have been a recipient of his consideration. I don't think I ever saw him go straight to a judgment, especially a negative one. A lesson I hope to take to heart. Vic, thank you for the smile I feel when I think of you.

Message from:
Rebecca  Goldfarb
Our Town Council and our Community will not be the same without you. Your commitment to and knowledge of Topanga is an inspiration to me and so many others. Your sweetness, kindness and witty sense of humor will stay in my heart forever.

Message from:
Karla and Joe  Morrison
Your shoes will be impossible to fill.... Your smile irreplaceable...The twinkle in your eyes will be missed by all....

Message from:
Topanga  Town Council
Vic was a true leader and inspiration to the Town Council. His vision helped move the Council from our humble beginnings to the great organization it is today. Thank you, Vic. We will miss you, your friendship, and your wonderful sense of humor!

Message from:
Stacy  Sledge
Jeanine, My heart is with you. Both you and Vic have touched so many people in the canyon. I know Vic will be watching us all and giving his supreme wisdom from the heavens above!


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Vic Richards

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