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Celebrating the life of...
Stephen Saunby
( - 2007)
RIP - Steve Saunby who was killed on the Phuket air crash along with his new wife
Stephen Saunby

Steve Saunby was an ex- soldier from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. He became a publican, he was a well-known figure in the pub trade in the areas of Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Gainsborough. At the age of 41, Steve was going to Thailand to marry Susan. . . . The couple were on their honeymoon, they got married in Bangkok on Friday 14th September 2007 and flew to Phuket two days later. Tragedy struck, they were both on board a budget airline flight (a 'One-Two-Go' MD80 jet – Flight 269) from Bangkok which crashed in heavy rain and high winds whilst trying to land at Phuket airport in Thailand - it skidded off the runway hit an embankment and burst into flames (it is claimed that the pilot froze at the controls). Of the 123 passengers on board, eight-nine were killed. Both Steve and Susan were killed in the crash along with their friends Helen & Neil – who were the witnesses at the wedding (note a page has been created for all four).

Candles in memory of Stephen Saunby

Message from:
carol  molnar
Much loved and missed steve me and your not so little boy Tom Stephen Saunby xx

Message from:
Dalc  Davidson
Always be remembered and always be missed. Always be a good friend

Message from:
David  HALL
Only recently found about Steve , hadnt seen him or Dave in 20 odd years. Very sad news, can't say how sad I am ,he was a good and very loyal friend.RIP, God Bless.


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RIP - Steve Saunby who was killed on the Phuket air crash along with his new wife

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