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Celebrating the life of...
Austin Wuennenberg
( - 2009)
RIP - Austin Wuennenberg , the Monorail operator who was killed at Walt Disney World in July 2009
Austin Wuennenberg

21 year old Austin Wuennenberg was from Kissimmee, USA. He had been a graduate from Celebration High School, he was then a student of the nearby Stetson University in DeLand who was expecting to graduate in 2010.. . . . . He was the driver of a Monorail train in the Magic Kingdom section of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. A died on 5-July-09 in a tragic accident when two monorails collided at the Disney resort. The crash was a collision at a track switch point (The accident occurred as the park resort was closing early Sunday and one train was being transferred off the rail line), five guests were hurt (although none of them were seriously injured) - it was the first fatal accident in the 38 year history of the Walt Disney World Monorail. A memorial was conducted in rememberance of Austin at the First United Methodist Church at 101 W. Dakin Avenue in Kissimmee.

Candles in memory of Austin Wuennenberg

Message from:
Neil  Steiner
We wish to convey our condolences to a person we have never met, but has touched our lives. During our upcoming visit to WDW later this year, we wish to acknowledge his untimely passing. Please accept our candle with our sympathy.


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RIP - Austin Wuennenberg , the Monorail operator who was killed at Walt Disney World in July 2009
scene of the fatal monorail crash in the Disney resort, Orlando, Florida

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