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Celebrating the life of...
Adrianne Jessica Jones
(1979 - 1995)
Rest In Peace - 16 year old Adrianne Jessica Jones
Adrianne Jessica Jones

16 year old Adrianne Jones attended Mansfield High Schol, where she was a track & field runner. She also worked part-time at a local fried chicken restaurant. ....... She was killed in a twisted murder conducted by two military cadets in Texas (who have both since been sentenced). Adrianne was lured to a remote lake area in Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas by Air Force cadet David Graham (who was a fellow cross-country runner at Mansfield High) who dove her in his car. Hiding in the the back of the hatchback was David Graham's girlfriend Diane Zamora the jealous Naval Academy cadet who considered Adrianne a love rival. The pair of cadets attacked Adrianne at the scene - hitting her head with a heavy object then later shooting her. The pair were later caught when Zamora confessed to a friend during a late night discussion in their dorm a year later. The incident was made into a TV movie by NBC entitled ''Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder''

Candles in memory of Adrianne Jessica Jones

Message from:
Latoya  Ford
In loving memory of Adrianne Jones everyone will miss you and you are loved.

Message from:
Bine Kimmer  Jørgensen
Greetings here from Denmark: What a tragic loss, I am so sorry for you❤️ Such a loss of a beautiful soul- all the best to you all❤️❤️❤️

Message from:
The Reyes  Family
I ask the Jones family to please accept my sincere condolences. I hope you remember Jessica fondly always. I truly believe that you will see her alive and well once more in the future. The Bible assures us that, "All those in the memorial tombs will here his voice and come a resurrection of life..."(John 5:28,29) Look forward to that time.

Message from:
M  B
You are not forgotten.

Message from:
debbie  Barnes
Addrainne, i didnot know u but i read your story.I am a mother of six childrens and i have a daughter that is sixteen year old. I think of you and what your parent went through. I pray every night that god keep my child along with other kids out there safe. baby girl, i am so so sorry that this happened to you.I pray thatgod give your family peace. just know that you're in a better place and you're one of god angel now. we will see you again. we all love u. and may u rest in peace..

Message from:
Victor  Avidor
Dear Adrienne, I am so sad every time I remember this terrible crime committed against you. I feel for you with all my heart and wish you eternal peace and contentment in Heaven.

Message from:
C  S
it has been many years and come this time of year you always seem to pop up in my mind. I just remember that day at school when i found out it was you that had been killed. School was so somber and quiet and a day that i will never forget... even at the age of 31. We were all so young. I know that you are missed by your friends and family.

Message from:
Jessica  Jones-Milligan
I just wanted to let you know that I am the same she was and my maiden name is Jessica Jones. I did not know her but grew up in Plano, TX and followed the news of her death, even continuing to this day. I lost 2 close friends after they were murdered Jan of 1997, I still miss and love them, I think of them daily. I think of this pretty, sweet seeming girl that I never knew often as well. I even strangely met a friend of hers early one morning just a few months ago at Lake Lewisville, odd coincidence. Just thought her family and friends would like to know she is truly thought of and remembered by people everywhere

Message from:
Adrienne  Edmondson
I went to school with you brother Justin you were a few years ahead of me! I met Justin after you passed on and he spoke very highly of you and misses you so much. I remember my best friend Amy went with Justin to the choir banquet but even after it had been a couple of years after your death it was still hard for him and his family and he had to leave the banquet very quickly! Adrianne your family loves you so much and I wish I could have met you but I know just by meeting Justin that you were a great person. You did not deserve what happened to you and I wish that people regardless of love or what they think is love at that age or any person for that matter that commits such a crime as this one that they sit and think about what they are doing. And about the families and the person's life that they are taking! Then maybe this world would not be as bad if people would just think about things and consequences first! Sorry to Adrianne you did not have to die like that it was senseless and cruel and to the jones family I hope that you know that you will see Adrianne again one day and that she is safe in gods arms now just waiting for the day she reunites with her family once again! God Bless

Message from:
Brandy  Duran
Even though it has been a long time, you are still missed. Your memory lives on.


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Rest In Peace - 16 year old Adrianne Jessica Jones
Rest In Peace - 16 year old Adrianne Jessica Jones

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