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Celebrating the life of...
Ruth Mensah  (Shenneah)
(1972 - 2008)

Ruth Mensah  (Shenneah)

The Jallah Mensah family of Momboe Town West, Bushrod Island, Monrovia, Liberia and the Tefe Amewo family of Brooklyn USA, deeply regret to announce the untimely death of Shenneah Ruth Mensah. This sad event occurred at the Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn New York on April 21, 2008. For the most part of her short life, she was known to be strong courageous and very accommodating. She was born on the 1st of October 1972 in Monrovia, Liberia unto the union of Mr. Jallah Mensah, Sr. and the late Laura M. Mensah.

Candles in memory of Ruth Mensah  (Shenneah)

Message from:
Joel  Amu
i miss you. i need you. please.

Message from:
Frank  Cooper
Shenneah, I try as much as possible to avoid this page. Yet, I must come here by compulsion. I knew you more than many. Still I had wanted to even know more, but your candle burnt out long before your memory will ever depart.

Message from:
David  Brown
Although we met breifly, I know Tefe will always love you. May your spirit keep him strong and the kids at peace.

Message from:
Leroy  Padmore
many years has gone since you departed this world,you left us with sorry and pain,every time I think of you,you hold a special place in my will for always be remember in my peace and love with you.

Message from:
Taweh  jallah
here i am on this lonely night looking for some answere to why you lrft this world so early. many nights i sleep wondering where in this world are you . may the sweetness of paradies be your as we all get closer to that day when weall will me in a great reunion. rest in peace . your dear brother.

Message from:
florence  mensah
hella aunty shenneah altho i never meet you u people always said nice things about you as the years went bye i think about you onces in a while i only talked to you once it was nice to hear your voice i think you missed your mom thats why you wanted to be with her you was the pice maker between my mom and dad well all i got to say is i no you are in a better place with ma i miss both of yall and guest what? i talked to your kids when daddy was over at your house memories of you will last forever as long as i live i will write you when i need some one to talk to.

Message from:
Tina  Genevieve A
When someone we love passes away, We ache, but we go on; Our dear departed would want us to heal, After they are gone. Grief is a normal way to mend The anguish and pain in our hearts; We need time to remember and time to mourn, Before the recovery starts. Let's help each other, with tender care To find a brighter tomorrow If we could bring you back again, For one more hour or day, We’d express all our unspoken love; We’d have countless things to say. If we could bring you back again, We’d say we treasured you, And that your presence in our lives Meant more than we ever knew. If we could bring you back again, To tell you what we should, You’d know how much we miss you now, And if we could, we would. This sorrowful time must still feel unreal And you’re looking for strength from above. I hope, from my heart, that your pain will decrease, That your spirit will gain strength again, And I pray that your faith will create inner peace And that God will send blessings from above Till then, if you need me to lighten your load, I’m waiting to come to your aid. Just call on me, and I’ll walk down that road, Until the dark times start to fade. My heart is reaching out to you, For what you’re going through; I’m thinking of you frequently And praying for you, too. If there’s something I can do, Anything at all, Think of me thinking of you, And don’t hesitate to call. Deep condolence, Tina, the Honu and Amu family USA & GHANA.

Message from:
Walters James  Weah
In times like these we are constrain to ask God, why a beautiful soul and loving heart must depart this earth so early? As the bible states, to man there is a time to live and a time to die. She has lived a loving life and we all will surely miss her. My prayers are continuously with the family. Especially, her husband and kids. May God comfort you all.

Message from:
Nyenai  J. Williams
Shenneah, I will always remember the time we shared, at times I wonder why you had to leave so soon, but this a rhetorical question for which only God has an answer. We pray that you have a peaceful journey into Abraham's bosom. We all love you dear, but God loves you best. Rest in peace, Ruth.

Message from:
Leroy  Padmore
This is from the Padmore and Cooper Family. Shenneah, We will always remember you, and we will always carry you in our heart. we are very sorry for what has happened. We Love you.

Message from:
Taweh Eric  Jallah
will the sun you brought to us ever shine as it used to my dear sister? as we stomach this great lost we hope to meet you one sweet day. we have hoped for you to rise up from that bed but it never happened .the more we cried to God, the more you slipped away from this world leaving your family all distressed and saddened. we hope all is well wherever you are. your children will someday ask us where did our mother go and we will have to tell them you left this world all too soon. i know they will see older folks and say 'our mother was never this old how is it she died when these older folks are still alive? and all we will say to them is,'it was the will of God that your mother left so soon'. tears and bitterness have been my food since you left us shenneah. all i say rest in that land of everlasting happiness my dear sister. those sweeetness moments we shared will always be mine to cherish forever. RIP

Message from:
Constance  K. M. Kamara
Shenneah you were my sun shine you were my dream, you all that a sister could which for. Your time was so short but so sweet and unforgotten for you touch my life in so many ways, you were my big sister, for there were times that you did things that a big sister would do for a smaller sister, I can assure you that I will alway hold you in my heart till, God knows how long. Rest in peace lil' sister. God bless you.

Message from:
Emmanuel  Mensah
Shenneah, I personally find it hard to accept what has happened, I alway try to do away with the thought that, indeed you are gone forever, but I have to for God knows why, Rest in peace RUTH, till we meet on that beautiful shore.God bless you.

Message from:
Quarshie  Francis Kudjoe
Dear Shenneah; My wife, myself and the whole Quarshie family willl forever miss you. You were dear to our heart. We love you so much but God loves you best. Rest in peace. With love from Kujoe and Family of Ghana

Message from:
janet  williams
shenneah dear,you're always in my thoughts.R.I.P, till we meet again,and we can pickup right from where we stopped.Miss you forever...

Message from:
Tefe  Amewo
What a friend you are to some of us`dear I miss you very much we pray you enjoy way to heaven.Lord you have taken my dear friend to your side,please let peace be on her .My dear rest in the arm of our Lord.

Message from:
lawrence B.Mensah  Bunshee
My dear Shenneah I hope i did you justic through my being here to witness the last of you. May you enjoy in heaven all this life refused to let you have on this side. Rest in peace my little sister. I will always remember you. From your brother J-Law.


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ruth and family
Ruth M.
Ruth Mensah

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