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Celebrating the life of...
Jyothirmayi Vempala Samrajya  (Jyothi , Jyotirmayee)
( - 2008)
RIP - Vempala Samrajya Jyothirmayi - Masters Student from India who was killed whilst studying in England
Jyothirmayi Vempala Samrajya  (Jyothi , Jyotirmayee)

23 year old Jyotirmayee, was the eldest of two daughters, she was an Indian post-graduate student studying at Wolverhampton University (in the West Midlands, UK), where she was pursuing a Masters in Public Health on a study visa. She commenced her study there September 2007 - she had only joined the course on a scholarship eight months before being killed. Her family in Vijaawada, India, had sold off some ancestral property to fund her move to the UK. Regarding her killer, AndhraNews reported that he "loved her but she did not reciprocate his love and he had take some dumbbells to the victim's room and struck her on the head. He then stripped her naked and tried to have sex with her. He also used a knife to cut his wrists and neck and wrote in blood on the wall that he loves Jyothi" ...... She died from severe head injuries

Candles in memory of Jyothirmayi Vempala Samrajya  (Jyothi , Jyotirmayee)

Message from:
SAJJA  Nagarajakumari
Jyothirai a pearl

Message from:
saibaba  vv
we well known she is non compramised person


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RIP - Vempala Samrajya Jyothirmayi - Masters Student from India who was killed whilst studying in England

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