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Celebrating the life of...
Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody
(1981 - 2009)
RIP - Reality TV star Jade Goody who died of Cancer age 27 (June 1981-March 2009)
Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody

Jade Goody was the ultimate example in how reality TV can turn a nobody into a celebrity, she was not talented, she was not beautiful, and she certainly wasn’t intelligent (it is normal to have at least one of those three to achieve some form of fame) - yet she ended up making millions. She came to the British publics attention in 2002 as a brash inmate on the 3rd series of the Big Brother. Ridiculed at the time by the British tabloid press for her manner and lack of intelligence, yet she hit a chord somehow with the publics psyche as unlike the vast majority of Big Brother housemates who fade back into obscurity from where they came, Jade seemed to retain the spotlight – eventually even being awarded her own TV shows. Even after her disastrous entrance into the series 5 Big Brother house in 2007 (when she made derogatory and racist comments to beautiful Indian actress Shilpa Shetty) did not end her career – thanks to some clever PR and public apologies. Sadly in August 2008 however, whilst ironically appearing in the Indian version of Big Brother, it became public knowledge that Jade had been diagnosed with cervical cancer – suddenly everything which had gone before seemed to fade into insignificance as waves of sympathy were clearly being bestowed upon Jade by a now concerned public. It was a story which gained much public exposure as reports of the cancer being ‘terminal’ were announced and as the public witnessed Jade lose her hair as she underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The public seemed to warm to Jade more and more as the situation progressed, including how she tried to keep her illness a secret from her two sons for as long as possible – the master of publicity Max Clifford was on hand to ensure media exposure was appropriate, clearly demonstrated why he is known as a PR Guru. At the time of her illness, even the likes of Michael Jackson and the British Prime Minister were wishing her well. On Fed 22nd 09, at Down Hall in Essex, Jade married her partner 21 year old convict Jack Tweed (he had just been sentenced for assaulting a taxi driver). Several of the newspapers reported that Jade wore a £3,500 designer dress donated by Harrods whilst Jack wore a security tag (although he was allowed to break his 7pm curfew that night to spend time with his new bride). The dress was modified to hold a pouch containing the drugs Jade was having administered during her illness. Shortly after this it was announced that Jade had only “weeks to live”, Jade stated that she wanted to be baptised. Whilst a Church Christening was her preference she was too ill and so the service was conducted at the hospital chapel on 7-March-09, Jade and her two sons (from her previous relationship with Jeff Brazier) were baptized, shortly after which Jade announced that she was ready to go to Heaven. Many considered the media fascination with her final few weeks / months to be in extremely poor taste. Jade was sadly lost to the cancer early on 22-March-09 (Mother’s Day). . . . . . The media circus kept on rolling, the glossy gossip mags covered Jade's death as if a head of state or a global superstar had passed, the funeral on Sat 4-April-09 was a big affair with the full public gaze, where thousands lined the streets and threw flowers. Liz Jones of the Daily Mail summed up the event well, calling it "a mecca of bling and chavdom". Since her death, there has even talk of making a film of her life !

Candles in memory of Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody

Message from:
Trisha  Atkinson
Rest In Peace Jade, you were the voice of all of us ordinary girls. Trish

Message from:
Dylan  Dawson
Goodbye you sweet thing. In those last few months, you always seemed to be smiling through the pain and all those intrusive photographers. God Bless You. . . . Dylan


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RIP - Reality TV star Jade Goody who died of Cancer age 27 (June 1981-March 2009)
RIP - Reality TV star Jade Goody who died of Cancer age 27 (June 1981-March 2009)
RIP - Reality TV star Jade Goody who died of Cancer age 27 (June 1981-March 2009)
RIP - Reality TV star Jade Goody who died of Cancer age 27 (June 1981-March 2009)
Jade's funeral passing through the streets of Bermondsey  ( source of photo :- BBC )
Jade's funeral was at St John's Church in Buckhurst Hill, Essex ( source of photo :- AP )

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