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Celebrating the life of...
William Oliver Wallace  (Ali Bongo)
(1929 - 2009)
RIP - Ali Bongo , who died March 2009 ( source of photo :- )
William Oliver Wallace  (Ali Bongo)

Ali Bongo was actually born in Bangalore (India), where his father was serving in the forces. His real name was William Wallace (in fact he always claimed he was a descendent of the famous Scots warrior). His interest in magic started in his childhood. When he returned to England he started doing part time entertainment in the Kent area at the end of his school years. Picking up the stage name of Ali Bongo (after a wizard in a local pantomime) his career progressed. He worked extensively with the David Nixon show on the BBC. Following this, he made regular appearances on British television through the 1970s - usually performing his magic tricks on children's TV shows. He strongly opposed the shows which exposed how tricks were done as he said it ruined the fun for aspiring new illusionists. Later in life he tended to work more behind the scenes where he advised on programmes such as the Paul Daniels Show, and, Jonathan Creek (which featured a character based on Ali Bongo). In 2008 he became the president of the Magic Circle. He fell ill whilst on a lecture visit to France and sadly died of a stroke in March 2009 - he was age 79.

Candles in memory of William Oliver Wallace  (Ali Bongo)

Message from:
Rachael  Middleton
I love this guy, he was beltin! I use his BISH BASH BOSH catchphrase every minute of every day XX


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RIP - Ali Bongo , who died March 2009 ( source of photo :- )
RIP - Ali Bongo , who died March 2009
RIP - Ali Bongo , who died March 2009 ( source of photo :- )

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