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Celebrating the life of...
Elin Rowlands  (Ellie Chambers)
( - 2009)
R.I.P - Elin Rowlands  who was sadly killed in a North Wales Car Crash
Elin Rowlands  (Ellie Chambers)

15 year old Elin (who was one of triplets), was from Bangor in North Wales. She was tragically killed in a road accident. . . . . It was around 1am on Saturday 28th February 2009 when a horrific accident took the lives of three North Wales teenagers. The crash happened in Anglesey when the Citroen C2 car they were travelling in hit a tree. The accident happened on the A5 Hollyhead Road between Menai Bridge and Llanfair~P~G. There were five occupants in the car, two survived but Rebecca Lee, Elin Rowlands (Ellie Chambers) and Clifford Jones all lost their lives (there has been one of these pages created for each of them). Keith Evans, Anglesey county councillor called the crash “An horrendous accident and a dreadful waste of life”

Candles in memory of Elin Rowlands  (Ellie Chambers)

Message from:
The Reyes  Family
Please accept our sincere condolences regarding the passing of Elin Rowlands. I hope you always remember her fondly. I truly believe that you will see Ellie alive and well once more in the future. The Bible assures us that, "All those in the memorial tombs will here his voice and come a resurrection of life..."(John 5:28,29) Look forward to that time.

Message from:
toni  palmer
thinking of ya hunny missing ya loads x x x x x x x

Message from:
Toni  Palmer
ul never be forgoten ellie,ul allways be in my heart i think about you everyday!.MISS YA ya x xxxxx(beautyful angel)

Message from:
Tez  Chambers
Hey babey girl, im missing you like crazy & maybe some eople are thinking oh she neds to nget over it but u no what they can do 1 as far as im concerned, they dont love you like i do! they dont miss you how i do. I love you so much forever and always my darling FOREVER 3 xxxxx

Message from:
Lieam  Williams
R.I.P Ellie Miss You Loads !!!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Message from:
Jasmine  Brown
Love and miss you Sooooo much my angel! You always knew how to make me smile! You'll always be in my heart! My Love Always, Your big couisin :) Jaz xxxxxxxxxxxx

Message from:
Andrea  Evans
R.I.P Ellie,thinking of you.♥

Message from:
Amy  Macdonald
Rest In Peace Ellie.. Sleep Tight xxx

Message from:
stacey  hughes
r.i.p ellie cant stop thinking of u nuffing aint the same wid out u.missin u so much. sleep thigt bbe love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Message from:
Meggy  Roberts
Sleep Tight angel xxx

Message from:
Amy  Chambers
Well Els.. I ever thought i would be doing something like this for you! Never thought you would be taken away from us! Well all i can say s nothing i say or do can bring you back, so me and Tezzy (Triplet sisters) will let your beautiful life and memory live on in and through us. We will always be three and as three we go on in our hearts and our minds forever we'll be one! God neede and angela nd he by far go the best. Love and Miss you always. Now R.I.P swwet angel XXXXX

Message from:
Shauna  Roberts
R.I.P Ellie i cant stop thinking of you and i never will, i miss you and miss you forever xxxxxxxxxxxxr.i.p


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R.I.P - Elin Rowlands  who was sadly killed in a North Wales Car Crash

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