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Celebrating the life of...
Natasha Randall  (Tasha)
( - 2008)
RIP - 17 year old Natasha Randall (Bridgend area suicide victim)
Natasha Randall  (Tasha)

17 year old Natasha was another in a string of young person suicides which occurred in the Bridgend County area of South Wales. ....... She lived with her father, Kelvin and stepmother Katrina in Blaengarw, a village in the Garw Valley just north of Bridgend. For reasons unknown, Natasha hanged herself in her bedroom while her parents were downstairs. ....... She was a student at Bridgend College where she undertaking a course on Childhood Care Studies. ..... She was another fanatical user of the Bebo networking site (using the name "sxiwildchild" for her page), although despite much press speculation there is no proof this was a contributing factor. She was a friend of another Bridgend area suicide victim - Liam Clarke, whom she is pictured with in the third image opposite. Tasha was said to be fascinated by suicide and apparently talked about it regularly, an even more distressing fact that the media reported, was that within 24 hours of her death, two of her 15 year old friends also attempted suicide - thankfully they failed. The press found youngsters that implied it was becoming cool in the area to keep the apparent macabre 'chain' going.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .The series of suicides in Bridgend County, South Wales :- Whilst I did not know any of the victims personally, I just wanted to say something after reading of this string of tragedies in the newspaper – so have created one of these “” pages for several of them (incidentally, I thought the media covered this was quite disgraceful – sensationalising with talk of the suicide town and internet death cults etc ). It is probable that media coverage can trigger copycat deaths, so for example in Norway newspapers are banned from reporting suicide as a cause of death. I just hope any other young people will talk to someone like the Samaritans when they feel rock bottom, virtually all adults did go through the same stresses and strains as youngsters so can really help. ……. . . . .Ian Blythe . . . . . refer also to the site created by the young people in the area :- . . . (

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Message from:
Tasha  Randall
Hello.. As you might see i share the same name with this beautiful girl. I was doing a search on google of my name .. just curious who else shares my name and came across this.. I just so happen to communicate with people that have passed away... Ive been a therapist for over 13yrs and It just kind of happened.... Maybe this information might bring someone close to her comfort in anyway..

Message from:
terry  wall
so sad. :(


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RIP - 17 year old Natasha Randall (Bridgend area suicide victim)
RIP - 17 year old Natasha Randall (Bridgend area suicide victim)
RIP - 17 year old Natasha Randall and 20 year old Liam Clarke (both Bridgend area suicide victims)
RIP Natasha

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