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Celebrating the life of...
Zachary Barnes
( - 2007)
17 year old Zachary Barnes, another suicide victim from the Bridgend area (he had hanged himself with washing line)
Zachary Barnes

17 year old Zachary was, sadly, another suicide victim from the Bridgend area in South Wales. He was from Wildmill just outside the town, and was found hanged from a washing line at a block of flats. He had left school to spend ten months working with animals at The Amelia Trust Farm, near Barry, and had a longer term goal of becoming a fitness instructor. .... His parents Paul, 49, and Mandy, 38, have described the teenager as "fantastic, so loving and caring" and a "big personality". .... It is understood that Zachary was a friend of the family of Thomas Davies (who had also sadly comit suicide earlier in 2007). It later emerged that Zach and one of his friends were on a drinking binge in a playing field (drinking a giant economy pack of Carlsberg from a local Tesco store). ......................... The series of suicides in Bridgend County, South Wales :- Whilst I did not know any of the victims personally, I just wanted to say something after reading of this string of tragedies in the newspaper – so have created one of these “” pages for several of them (incidentally, I thought the media covered this was quite disgraceful – sensationalising with talk of the suicide town and internet death cults etc ). It is probable that media coverage can trigger copycat deaths, so for example in Norway newspapers are banned from reporting suicide as a cause of death. In addition to all of the tragic deaths which have been reported, there had also been an alarming number of friends of some victims have also attempted unsuccessfully to kill themselves. I just hope other young people will talk to someone like the Samaritans when they feel rock bottom, virtually all adults did go through the same stresses and strains as youngsters so can really help. ….................…. Ian Blythe ......................................refer also to the site made by the young people of the area :- . . (


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17 year old Zachary Barnes, another suicide victim from the Bridgend area (he had hanged himself with washing line)
RIP - Zachary Barnes

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