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Celebrating the life of...
Patrick Joseph McGoohan  (Number Six)
(1928 - 2009)
Patrick McGoohan - star of 1960's TV show
Patrick Joseph McGoohan  (Number Six)

Patrick McGoohan was born in the USA to Irish parents, although the family later moved back to Ireland and then on to England. In the early 1960's, Patrick McGoohan was probably the most sought after actor in England - he even turned down the roles of James Bond (007) and Simon Templar (The Saint). He was of course 'Danger Man' (re-named 'Secret Agent' when shown in the US). But it was as his role of Number Six in "The Prisoner" that he will be most fondly remembered. The series, much of which was filmed in Portmeirion, North Wales, was about a retired spy who was held incarcerated in "The Village". Patrick was the backbone behind the show, not only starring in the show but he also produced, wrote, and directed it. It was certainly ahead of its time, to the point that many people just didn't get it (considering it too strange and avante-garde) - of course over the years since, it has become an award winning cult classic - still selling collections of episodes on DVD to this day. Following The Prisoner, Patrick returned back to the US with his family. He made appearances in several Hollywood movies, most notably 'Ice Station Zebra' and Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart'. In January 2009, he sadly died in Santa Monica, California following a short illness, he was 80 years old. ..... refer also to

Candles in memory of Patrick Joseph McGoohan  (Number Six)

Message from:
The Reyes  Family
I ask the McGoohan Family to accept my condolences regarding the passing of Joseph. I hope you find comfort. I truly believe that you will see him alive and well once more in the future. The Bible assures us that, "All those in the memorial tombs will here his voice and come a resurrection of life..."(John 5:28,29) Look forward to that time as will we.

Message from:
Cedric  Roach
Be seeing you


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Patrick McGoohan - star of 1960's TV show
scene from the Prisoner  .....
From the opening sequence of The Prisoner - driving to Resign
Patrick McGoohan - as 'Number Six' in

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