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Celebrating the life of...
George Francis
( - 2003)
Some underworld sources believe George Francis was a victim of the Brinks Mat curse
George Francis

George Francis was a suspected mobster involved in the organised crime scene, and had been investigated by the Metropolitan Police on numerous occassions - including playing a major role in a Canabis smuggling ring. He began his career as a small-time enforcerfor the Kray and Richardson crime families in the 1960s and was linked to 20 murders ....... George Francis of Beckenham, south east London was shot and killed (after being hit by four bullets in the head and chest) as he was sitting in his car in the yard of his haulage business premises, 'Signed, Sealed and Delivered' in Lynton Road, Bermondsey as he arrived at 4.45am on May 14 2003. (He had survived a previous shooting attempt when he was shot in a Kent pub he owned by a hooded gunman in 1985). ..... It later transpired that he had been shot by contract killers John O'Flynn and Terence Conaghan and many of the newspapers then covered a story regarding the "Curse of Brinks-Mat" - as at the time George Francis was the ninth person allegedly involved in the Brinks-Mat Gold Bullion robbery to die in the aftermath of the £26 million Heathrow heist of 1983 ( according to '"Apparently after the Brinks Mat robbery Francis had been trusted to look after a large amount of gold by members of the robbery team , Francis was left to look after the finances while they were serving time in prison, upon their release Francis claimed there was nothing left for them" ) .......... George was 63 when he died.


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Some underworld sources believe George Francis was a victim of the Brinks Mat curse

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