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Celebrating the life of...
Bill Owen  (Compo)
(1914 - 1999)
Bill Owen as Compo
Bill Owen  (Compo)

Farewell Compo ( or "William John Owen Rowbotham" to quote his real name ). . . . . there was a lot more to scruffy old Compo than many people realise, he was educated at Oxford University, he started acting at the age of 18 and appeared in 46 films. He also wrote the lyrics for dozens of pop songs including Sir Cliff Richard's 1968 song "Marianne" (which he co-wrote in partnership with Mike Sammes). . . . but it will always be as wooly hat wearing, loveable rogue, Compo Simmonite from "Last of the Summer Wine" that he will always be remembered. . . . . He was born in London, but was buried in Yorkshire after dying of cancer at the age of 85. . . . In 2008 two other major characters from "Last of the Summer Wine" also passed away - Brian Wilde (Foggy) in March and Kathy Staff (Nora Batty) in December.

Candles in memory of Bill Owen  (Compo)

Message from:
Leigh  Wahlroos
Bill, I miss you as an artist. Your good spirit shown through. I am sure your family misses you dearly. You are remembered.

Message from:
i met bill owen many years ago i thought he was a very nice person last of the summer wine is not he same anymore. rip bill


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Bill Owen as Compo
Bill Owen as Compo
Bill Owen
Bill Owen
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