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Celebrating the life of...
Glendaly Vigoreaux  (Glenda)
( - 2008)
Glendaly Vigoreaux
Glendaly Vigoreaux  (Glenda)

Glendaly was a Puerto Rican actress, who from a child aged 10 had starred along with her sister Vanessa. There had been much tragedy in her life ..... her father was the murdered Puerto Rican TV entertainer and producer Luis Vigoreaux - he was killed by his wife (Glendaly's mother) controversial actress Lydia Echevarria, currently serving life in prison for his 1983 murder..... In her later life, as Glenda, she became a trainer / speaker for IT products. Following obtaining a Masters Degree in Computer Information, she formed GVXCellence. She was an Adobe Certified Master Instructor who had taught the use of the products from the merged Adobe & Macromedia organisations (including Dreamweaver, Contribute, various Acrobat tools etc).... Glendaly Vigoreaux died in July 08 at the age of 44 at her home in Glendale, Arizona. It appears that she committed suicide by gunshot wound to the head (a .380 semi-automatic pistol was found next to her body) at her home in Glendale, Arizona

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Message from:
edwin  torres
Cuanto Lo Siento - Siempre Seras Recordada- Descansa En Paz

Message from:
Alan  Goldberg
If this is the Glenda who taught at Keiser College, Fort Lauderdale in 1998, words can never describe the feelings that hit me on the news. We stayed in contact via email for a long time. When my emails bounced from her GVX address I felt something was amiss. I was unfortunately right. I will miss her so very much. She was an angel.


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Glendaly Vigoreaux
Glendaly Vigoreaux
Glendaly Vigoreaux
Glendaly Vigoreaux

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