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Celebrating the life of...
Elena Behm  (Anastasia Blue)
(1994 - 2008)
Elena back in the day
Elena Behm  (Anastasia Blue)

Elena was born in Anchorage, Alaska. She died in Bremerton, Washington at the age of 28 from what appears to an overdose of Tylenol. She had a past life in the adult movie industry (making over 100 hardcore flicks during 1999-2000) under the alter-ego name of Anastasia Blue. However, she left the adult entertainment industry in 2000 - wanting to erase it from her life going forward, allowing her to settle down to live a normal family life. Just 28 ..... that is very sad, my thoughts go out to her family.

Candles in memory of Elena Behm  (Anastasia Blue)

Message from:
Marca  Jr
Rest in peace elena muy condolence and my respect forma his family

Message from:
scotty  m
She was such a sweet girl you could tell she had a huge heart res in peace God loves you!

Message from:
Edgardo  Costa Madeira
Dear Elena: So sad that you died, so young ... You deserved so much better .. Somehow I know that you where good as you where beautifull.. I think often of you and hope that my pray be of use, that you may be in Heaven, with our Lord, Jesus Christ. AMEN

Message from:
Andrew  D
I still think of how senseless her loss is, 6 years later. There wont be another like her. To her family and friends, my condolences and best and hope they found peace and love in her memory.

Message from:
Cam  D
Very sorry to hear this news. She sparked my fantasy like no other. I thank her for that. x

Message from:
Eric  A.
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss family member of Elena Behm. I didn't know or ever meet her you can most likely figure out how I have come to know who she was. I think your loved Elena was a person that brought some happiness into many lives including mine. I have no real way to say or express how sorry I am she is no longer with you but she made dreams come true for fans like me. May she forever rest in peace.

Message from:
larry  carpenter
i just heard about her death. i'm vary sorry to hear about it. rest in peace

Message from:
Erik  F.
You and everyone in your industry are making the world a better place, not a worse one. From my understanding, there is a dark side that exists also.... as in most lines of work. Perhaps this is why you left. It is unfortunate that you never came to realize how much positive energy you did contribute, how much goodness you actually projected and found peace with this. But you did.....and more than most of us will ever manage to do even if we live three times as long as you. Well I hope you are at peace now.....and you don't have to come back to this rock and do it again. I'll remember you.

Message from:
Colin  E.
sad to hear that you are no longer here x

Message from:
Jodi  L.
I did serveral scenes with her back in the day, and have missed her wonderfu; smile ever since.

Message from:
freddy  nunez
i have just discovered who you were,and im so sad to find out that u have passed away. u were a beautiful girl. rip

Message from:
William  Rengigas
Rest in peace sweet angel you will be missed by many fans friends and many more your sweet smile will never fade in the minds eye of those that you brought joy too it's so sad that it came to this wish we could have you back but your In a better place now be free of the bonds and let your sprit fly

Message from:
joe  p
I'm so... so sorry.

Message from:
Matador  Ver
Meus pêsames, excelente atriz e terrível morte. Que vc esteja em um lugar melhor. Vc era incrível.

Message from:
Jules  A
Elena, I wish things could have played out differently for you. Your charm was only matched by your extraordinary talents. I hope you are in a better place now.

Message from:
Jeff  S
I am an adoring fan of Elena's and didn't know she passed two years ago, I really would have liked to have met her

Message from:
uma  chandra
sorry to say

Message from:
Scott  R
Sorry to say I just found out Elena has passed. I feel horrible. Such a beautiful young girl and now she is gone. She was an angel on earth and now she's an angel in Heaven. God Bless you, Elena.

Message from:
Will  G
My condolences, but it's pretty wild... Her death certificate was issued in the state of ALASKA and not Washington? And it was listed as a SUICIDE. Social Security Index search btw.

Message from:
Philip  Tennyson
You were a very beautiful woman what a loss to this planet rest in peace princess xxx

Message from:
Bill  R
Even though I hardly knew you, I thought you were a really cool person. Hope you have found what you were looking for.

Message from:
Kelly  Payne
Almost a year to the day and I am saddened that Elena has passed. We will always remember her strong spirit, Brilliant smile and her imortal Soul. We'll never forget you, Peace be with you Elena.

Message from:
Marc  c
Max is afraid of Women. Sure, he is in love with his mama. No dad was at home.. -------- that's Life , and you paid Brothers and sisters are sad. Dead fish don't swim Home. but sure u r all together ! peace all of you

Message from:
Christopher  LoGiudice
Ya Know....I was gonna write all about how my life has been such a lost blur, and of how Elena took the pain away sometimes. Such a special human being. I will never stop missing your friend, your sister, your wife, your daughter. So.....there is a song by Hole called know the band...Kurt's surviving wife Courtney (another woman I love dearly,) is one of the prettiest and most moving songs I ever heard, and I wanted to dedicate it to Elena.

Message from:
Marco  M.
I hope you have found a place of tranquillity, now. Elena you were an amazing human beiing, full of grace, passion and with an uncommon aura that surrounded all your person. Your brightening smile fought the darkness of my life. I will always keep the flame of your memory alive deep in my hart forever. Thank you sweet Elena.

Message from:
Marc  Charlot
I remember days from 99 . Diving in Cocaine pretending i was flying. Killing every True moments which could have exposed Trully myself .... Easy money ain't give an easy life. I do think you were a couragous person. Sad, you didn't found here the Mirror. I don't know you, all i know is that , for 5 years, i don't pay atention anymore to the lies of this evil drug. It ain't an easy battle. Everyone of us has his own story. God bless you . You and every people who loved you. ( i guess now, you know they did ..) Bon Voyage . Marc. Don't forget : nobody can judge you !

Message from:
Blayne  King
Elena, words cannot soothe the sorrows that your family and friends must feel. I hope you have found peace now. God bless you and yours always. Blayne

Message from:
AJ  Man
May she rest in peace. Many of us were saddened by her all too soon passing.

Message from:
Antonio  xxx
ciao sono Antonio...voglio dedicare con tutto il mio cuore la canzone "my immortal" degli Evanescence....thanks Elena

Message from:
Ashley  Baker
I think she is one of my most favorite women of all time. She sort of reminds me of myself in so many ways ~ strong, vitiligo(I have it and it came from doing drugs while tanning in tanning beds), and tortured by her own war inside herself ~ loves being wild All of these things are me as well I think it is amazing that she overcame so much and married. I am very proud of her but saddened by hearing the loss May her family have peace Much Love and Favor to each of you Blessings Ashley


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Elena back in the day

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