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Celebrating the life of...
Enoch Powell
(1912 - 1998)
Enoch Powell
Enoch Powell

The Right Honourable Brigadier Enoch Powell MBE ....... was he right ? .... maybe he was just a very patriotic Britain ? .... Well perhaps his views were a little extreme, he seemed condemned for his his honesty, and even ridiculed by many of the comedians of the time. In a land where 'freedom of speech' is said to be the case, if you don't conform to the expected norm you can find yourself outcast - as Enoch did, finding himself sacked from the shadow cabinet. But was he only just expressing the views that many people at the time were thinking but did not have the guts to say ? He was a always a controversial character during his career, which included being Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) between 1950 and February 1974, and an Ulster Unionist MP between October 1974 and 1987. Personally I liked him and think many of the modern day politician could learn from his strength of character in standing up for what they believe in rather than what they're expected to do or what it takes to grab votes. I'm not necessarily saying his views on imigration and race were right, that would be inappropraite to say on a site like this, but his passion should be applauded. In the autumn of 1992, at the age of 80, Powell was diagnosed as suffering from Parkinson's Disease, from which he eventually died at the age of 85 ....... a Great Man indeed ............ anonymous.


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Enoch Powell
Enoch Powell

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