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Celebrating the life of...
William John Charles
(1931 - 2004)
John Charles - Swansea born 1950s Soccer Hero
William John Charles

John Charles - Still held with legend like status by Leeds United fans (there is a street called 'John Charles Way' near Elland Road Stadium), Juventus fans in Turin and by all the Bluebirds fans down at Cardiff City. Points of note include that he played alongside his own brother in the Wales national team, when he joined the Italian club Juventus the transfer fee of £65,000 was a British record, he has been included in the Football League 100 Legends and was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. To celebrate UEFA's Jubilee in 2003, he was selected as the Golden Player of Wales by the Football Association of Wales as their most outstanding player of the past 50 years. He was also voted 'the greatest foreign player ever in Serie A' (which is quite an achievment when you consider who else thay had to choose from - Maradona, Ziedine Zidane etc etc). He was also awarded the CBE. After his playing career had come to an end, he later became manager of Hereford and Merthyr Tydfil, and technical director of the Canadian team, Hamilton Steelers. Many footballing greats when asked, often choose John Charles to feature in their own Dream Teams. At the twilight of his life Alzheimers disease was starting to set in and in January 2004 he suffered a heart attack. He died in Yorkshire Feb 2004.

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Message from:
Benjamin  Cole
A fantastic player, and a true gentleman. There is much the highly paid football stars of today could learn from this outstanding man.


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John Charles - Swansea born 1950s Soccer Hero
John Charles - Swansea born 1950s Soccer Hero
John Charles - Swansea born 1950s Soccer Hero
John Charles - Swansea born 1950s Soccer Hero
John Charles - Swansea born 1950s Soccer Hero
John Charles ( source of photo :- Jamie McDonald / Getty Images )

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