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Celebrating the life of...
David John Evans
(1935 - 2008)
David Evans on the Election campaign trail in 1997 - source of photo :- The Independent (PA)
David John Evans

London born David was described as the most colourful MP in the commons (where he served as a Conservative from 1987-1997. Whilst widely acknowledged he would have made an excellent Minister for Sport, he had sometimes been viewed as a bit of a loose canon amongst the Tory Part faithful as this excerpt from the Telegraph indicates .... "He once described his prime minister, John Major, as "vindictive" and the National Heritage Secretary, Virginia Bottomley, as "dead from the neck up" (although he later apologised, to Mrs Bottomley). None the less, he had his heavyweight champions in the party, not only Margaret Thatcher but also Michael Portillo and John Redwood (it was Evans who persuaded Redwood to challenge John Major in the 1995 leadership contest, and became his campaign manager). " ................. He was a successful businessman - a self-made millionaire who never lost his love for both Cricket and Soccer, he had played for both Gloucestershire and Warwick Cricket clubs, and was signed to Aston Villa Football club in his younger days. For a period he was the Chairman of Luton Town Football Club, and held little tollerance for bad behaviour by fans - banning away fans from the ground and had famously once quoted that that "the cat-o'-nine-tails should be used on football hooligans" The man who was once heard to say "I'm more concerned about litter in Parliament Square than the ozone layer", sadly died at the age of 73 in October 2008...... God Bless You Sir...... ( Anonymous )


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David Evans on the Election campaign trail in 1997 - source of photo :- The Independent (PA)

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