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Celebrating the life of...
Suzanne Tamim
(1977 - 2008)
Suzanne Tamim
Suzanne Tamim

Suzanne Tamim ( or سوزان تميم‎ in Arabic ) was a beautiful and talented singer of Arabic melodies who had found fame after appearing on the Lebanese talent show 'Studio el fan' back in 1996. The show was broadcast not only in Lebanon, but throughout the Arab world, hence she became a celebrity across the region after winning a Gold Medal on the show . Following some publicity intrusions into her private life, Suzanne started to become quite reclusive. She left per previous home of Cairo, Egypt and took up residence in the Palm Jumeira Marina area of Dubai. It was there, in her apartment, that she was murdered in a brutal knife attack, in what is now belived to have been a contract killing of this precious young star.... God be with you (Aiesha)

Candles in memory of Suzanne Tamim

Message from:
Serenity  Ontario
Dear Suzan, you were so beautiful & an amazing singer. Such a sad why for someone to die.I hope you are at peace & the murders are suffering in prison.Until we meet again :( الراحة في السلام :(

Message from:
mike  hofmann
she was a very beautiful young lady, who had a very good future in front of her. it is a terrible tragity that she was killed . I don't see y anyone would want to do such a thing to such a BEAUTIFUL young lady with such great talent as she had.


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Suzanne Tamim
Suzanne Tamim
Suzanne Tamim
Suzanne Tamim
Suzanne Tamim

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